Bioxinis organic fertilizer
For soils and foliar.

Bioxinis is an Organic fertilizer. You can apply it via soil and Foliar. By applying BIOXINIS directly to the soil, we are giving life to our Microbial Fauna, that is, to tired and/or worn soils, and we are giving it life, which means that the nutrients are more available to be absorbed by the roots of our crops. Bioxinis applications in all the phenological stages of the flowering crop make the pollen tube grow and reach the fruit set and fruiting stage.
Bioxinis is the Organic revolution for our crops.

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Bioxinis nourishes and restores soils!

Being a source of organic matter, Bioxinis® helps to improve the quality of the soil in which it is applied. With the application of Bioxinis®, the biological activity of the soil is substantially improved, thus improving the supply of nutrients in the soil.

Quality, health and
excellent results

It is an organic product, it can be applied in organic or conventional agriculture in production with good agricultural practices.

Reduce application costs

It is biodegradable and non-toxic, which benefits us in low operating costs for its application.

Benefits in crops

Bioxinis helps crops so that they have fewer incidences of pests, some such as joboto, whitefly, fungi, bacteria, etc.

Organic nutrition

It is an organic mineral fertilizer, whose action consists mainly in improving the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil.

Balanced control

Facilitates the work by reducing the cohesion of the particles, with the supply of this product, production is improved by using organic fertilizer.


What is the benefit of applying Bioxinis?

It favors the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Improves the living conditions of producers. Mitigates pests and diseases in crops. Edaphic and foliar application in pre and post sowing, flowering and fruiting and less incidence of pests such as whitefly, weevil, joboto, etc.

Get high quality products with BIOXINIS

It is an organic mineral fertilizer, whose fundamental action consists in improving the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil. In addition, to supply the plant with one or more nutrients for its growth and development. Contributing efficient microorganisms (EM) to the metabolism of plants.